Ever chanced upon something so mesmerising that you are unable to take your eyes off it? It can be something as mundane as the way the light bounces off the wall, the way a tune sounds in your head, or even the intricate strokes of a paintbrush on a canvas.

Yet, there’s a mysterious, inextricable force that pulls you towards it, like a moth to a flame. This unexplainable connection that we feel when we experience art (in whatever form it may be) is sacred and special.

Together with Mama on Palette, Curbside Crafters organised our first ever art exhibition which aimed to explore our deeply human passion and love for forging relationships within the world through the wonderful perspectives of artists and their craft. 


27 talented artists, each with unique skills but similar aspirations, displayed their artworks that are created with love, passion and purpose. From digital drawings, acrylic paintings to papercut designs, A Peculiar Bond showcased the diversity of human experience in all its bold, colourful glory. Respectfully, artists seek to redefine art through their crafts and surpass boundaries in their respective artistic journeys –  to enrich the world and help people to explore the complexity of emotions through art. It was a delightful sight to see our visitors enjoying the art exhibition – they love discovering the stories and inspirations behind the artwork, especially through in-person interactions they had with the artists themselves.


You may catch glimpses of the art exhibition and hear from the artists themselves through the media captures on our IG page.

We loved sharing art with all our wonderful guests who took the time to come down! It was a heartening sight to see how excited our artists were to share their personal stories. Curbside Crafters would like to thank all our artists and visitors who have believed in us and made A Peculiar Bond a success. And, we hope our artists continue their crafts and share their artwork to make the world a better and more creative place!