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I want more, more, more!
Check out @mei.crystalssg’s amazing selection of bracelets, crystals and tumbles right here at Curbside Crafters ✨

Browse, shop, chill out in our amazing space 🥰

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We sat down with one of our resident crafters, Niki from @mrazziepie! Niki makes colourful clay and wood pins, as well as one of a kind accessories that will surely spice up any look!

Shop all things @mrazziepie between 12pm - 8.30pm from Tue - Sun, see you~

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If you’re still looking for a booth during the Ramadan period, we have a special offer for you! Get 15% off weekday booths by quoting ‘15OFFAPR’ at check out.

*Do note the applicable dates for this promo code.

Visit our website at and secure your slot today✨

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It’s the time of the year again! Glam up Kampong Glam ~

If you are here for the Kampong Glam bazaar, you are in for a treat. There is an overflowing of yummy food waiting for you and if you want some cosy retail shopping after being in the crowds at the bazaar, drop by Curbside Crafters to get your retail fix ✨

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Thank you @nowfalling for the beautiful pictures! As a customer, @nowfalling's wife loves the truffle chicken bagel and if he were to use 1 word to describe Keen - it would be GENEROUS! To him, Curbside Crafters is the perfect place to spice up and add some sparkle to a "home" - that's right, a home for crafters and customers alike for good crafts and good food!

Let's Bagel up, come and visit our homeground of crafters this weekend!

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