Our Participating Brands

The origins of The Lobster Tail Pastry comes from Campania, Italy. Its original name is called Sfogliatelle, which means ‘thin leaf layers’. The dough is hand stretched till tissue paper thin, rolled and baked into a light flaky crispy pastry.

Inspired by a passion for this delightful treat and the challenge of finding it in Singapore, Gerald founded Keedo Keedo to bring this pastry to the locals. I

In his own words, 'We liked it, we loved it, we wanted it, but we couldn't find it. So we made it!'

Donatzu ドーナツ is a locally founded pastry brand that focuses on providing you with premium, high-quality Japanese-French delights. They strive to provide all customers with unparalleled quality and taste with every bite of their signature Japanese pastry.

Mahmud’s Tandoor was founded by an Indian-Pakistani couple, Siraj and Syirah, who shared a love for Pakistani fusion dishes. What began as a home-based venture experimenting with tandoori burgers and marinated chicken wings quickly gained popularity due to high demand. Encouraged by the positive response, they launched their own shop, and Mahmud’s Tandoor has since become a widely recognized brand.

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