At Curbside Crafters, the festive season is one of the most anticipated times of the year! The Curbside Crafters team is excited to announce our exclusive Christmas event – A Curbside Christmas (23 – 24 December 2022)! 

For our event, we commissioned one of our crafters (@allerandytohart) to create a special icon for the occasion. With the motif of our iconic pink exterior and a large red bow, much like a well wrapped gift, the icon truly encapsulates the spirit of giving!

To show appreciation to our community of crafters and customers, we will be hosting a very special A Curbside Christmas Giveaway from 23 to 24 December! Whether our winners walk away with a gift kindly sponsored by a crafter, or a goodie bag put together by the Curbside Crafters team, each winner will walk away with something truly special. 

For the giveaway, we envisioned our wonderful icon, in a sticker form to be printed out as stickers so that we can add a personal touch to our giveaway goodie bags – this is where our friends at SingaPrinting helped bring our vision to life. SingaPrinting very kindly sponsored us with their circle vinyl stickers in kiss cut supply.

Throughout the entire process, their customer service channels were readily available and efficient. Before confirming our final print, a design proof was also sent for us to confirm. Overall, we are very impressed with SingaPrinting’s service and we can’t wait to share our amazing stickers, and Christmas Joy with you!

If you’re interested in reaching out to them for your printing needs, you may find them at