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About Us

Curbside Crafters is a curated lifestyle marketplace for crafters, entrepreneurs, and artists. Our flexible spaces are specially designed for Creatives to showcase their masterpieces, as well as co-create with a like-minded community - all while providing an immersive retail experience for their customers.

We are more than just a space - we are a new-age marketplace where You can share your crafts in spaces crafted for You, all year round.

Upcoming Events

From pop-up fairs to workshops and curated exhibitions, you can surely find a multitude of interesting concepts and events to participate in at Curbside all year round. We welcome you to get hands-on with drop-in activities that can spark a deeper connection with contemporary arts and crafts or even entrepreneurship through the wonderful perspectives of our artists and their craft.

Curbside | Get Artsy June Holiday Workshops

Whether you are looking for hands-on craft workshops or simply date ideas, get artsy and spend some quality time with your family, friends or partners at these creative workshops this June! We have a selection of workshops for you to choose from.

Dates: 7 - 8 June 2022

Vendors: @fayysingapore, @sylisoap, @yarnitbunny

Where to find the rates | How to sign up:

Drop us an IG DM to enquire about the rates.

Curbside | A Peculiar Bond June Holiday Exhibition

This Art Week, we hope to explore our deeply human passion and love for forging relationships within the world through the wonderful perspectives of artists and their craft. We will have at least 20 local artists to showcase their art pieces and share more insights about their artwork.

Dates: 21 - 23 June 2022

Participating Vendors: In the midst of crafting.

Curbside | Kpop Meet 

Coming soon from 29 June - 1 July 2022

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